Imagining the Impossible Guest Blog Guidelines

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This blog presents research about the fantastic in ways that are more accessible to the general public. Our aim is to make our research extend beyond the world of academic, and to mean something significant more broadly to people who consume fantasy. We will feature high-profile scholars from the field as well as creative producers of fantastic fiction and many more from the fields of fantasy, horror, science fiction and other related genres.  

Concept: Each entry can deal with the fantastic as genre or phenomenon and the focal point of the blog post is decided by the author herself. We welcome themes and narratives of all sorts, the overall vision being to present those topics for a broader readership to gain new perspectives. We believe the fantastic is especially suited to ask questions about human existence, pressing questions about today’s ecological and pandemic crises. With this blog entries, we want to ask these and other questions about possible and impossible futures. 


Format of submission: 1000–2000 words in doc./docx. Brief biographical information (150 words).We would also welcome a photo of the contributor or a photo that suits the theme for use in the public post.


Editorial process: The blog editors will edit the submission with the main purpose of enhancing their readability in the blog layout. Before proofreading and publication, the edited blog text will be returned to the author for approval and possible final changes.


Audience: The international and interdisciplinary community of the fantastic in academia, in creative industries, and fantasy fan networks etc. Stakeholders and collaborators from different professional and societal spheres. The blog is intended to be usable in different pedagogical contexts and to make the work of the network and the fantastic as an overall subject more approachable to a wide readership. 


Reach: The texts will be published on the Imagining the Impossible blog and shared on the social media channels of the network (Facebook and Instagram) as well as on the social media channels of affiliate organizations. We want to create a dialogue and stimulate new exciting research among scholars globally, and we also hope to reach and work with the creative industries, fans, and everyone interested in the fantastic from different fields across the world.


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