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DYSTOPIA Entertainment creates horror-based, interactive events in Denmark. The company consists of a group of horror enthusiasts and creative souls, who love to create unique horror experiences with the guest as center of attention. Hundreds of volunteers work behind the curtains, pouring their hearts and souls into creating frightening, interactive events. The crew is made up of actors, makeup artists, instructors, safety personnel, coordinators, technicians, etc.


Since 2014 they have scared more than 50.000 visitors at horrifying and nerve-racking events.Venues include former state prison FÆNGSLET (The Prison) in Horsens, renaissance castle Koldinghus, the amusement park Tivoli Friheden, Odense Zoo, as well as a run-down factory in Mørkedalen (Dark Valley) in the outskirts of Vejle.

Read more about Dystopia at and on the following platforms:


© Tomas Vahlkvist 

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