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Heather Alberro recently completed her PhD at Nottingham Trent University’s Department of Politics and International Relations, part of the ‘Ethics, Ecology, & Identity’ research group. Her background and interests span a range of disciplines including green utopianism, critical posthuman theory, environmental sociology, environmental ethics, ecocriticism, and political ecology. Her publications include a short fictional essay entitled ‘A Modern Ecotopia’ as part of an anthology of creative writing works My Utopia published in 2018, an article entitled ‘’Valuing Life Itself’: On Radical Environmental Activists’ Post-Anthropocentric Worldviews’ published in 2020 in the Journal of Environmental Values, and ‘Interspecies’ in the upcoming The Cambridge Companion to Literature and the Anthropocene. Heather also serves as co-convenor for the Political Studies Association’s (PSA) environmental politics specialist group and as Chair of the PSA’s Early Career Network (ECN). 

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