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Ibtisam Ahmed is a Doctoral Research Student at the School of Politics and International Relations, University of Nottingham. He is completing his thesis “The Decolonial Killjoy”, which disentangles the links between utopia and colonialism. His research focuses on race, queer theory, identity, literature and culture, and he is an activist with the movement to decriminalise homosexuality in the Commonwealth. He has co-edited and contributed to the collected edition The Politics of Culture (2020) published by Cambridge Scholars Publishing, in which a full chapter version of his blog post appears. He contributed a chapter on decolonising queer Bangladesh in the e-International Relations book Sexuality and Translation in World Politics (2019). He has also been published in the journals The Round Table (2018) and Sociology Study (2016). He has written dystopian short stories as well, with “The First and Last Kiss” published by Roopbaan on their website, and “Judgement” in press with Spectral Visions Press in their upcoming anthology The End is Here. His full research profile and academic publications list can be found at and he tweets at the handle @Ibzor.

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