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Juul, Jesper 

Associate Professor

The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts

Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation

Philip de Langes Allé 10, 1435 København K

Copenhagen, Denmark

Tel.: +45 2165 8485

Jesper Juul has been working with video game research since the late 1990's. He is an Associate Professor at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts - School of Design and a Visiting Associate Professor at MIT. Prior to this, he helped start some of the world’s leading master programs in game design at IT University of Copenhagen and New York University Game Center. He has published three books with MIT Press: Half-Real (2005), A Casual Revolution (2009) and The Art of Failure (2013). He is also a co-editor of the Playful Thinking Series (also on MIT Press). He has worked as a game developer and programmer and is currently working on a book on independent video games. He maintains the blog The Ludologist on video games and other important things.

Links to research by Jesper Juul:

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