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Mats Strandberg is a best-selling author who has been hailed as "the Swedish Stephen King". In his novel THE END,  it is summer, and everything looks the same as usual. But everyone knows what’s coming. In little more than a month, a comet will crash into Earth, and we will all be gone. THE END asks questions such as: How do you want to spend the last weeks? What do you want to say to the ones you love? How does it feel to know the exact date and time of your death? And if we are all dying, what does one life more or less matter?

THE END has been translated into 15 languages and was named one of Kirkus' best books of 2020, won YA Audio Book of the Year at the Storytel Awards, and was nominated for a European Science Fiction Award. It made the IBBY Honour list and was an honoured title by the Global Literature in Libraries Initiative.

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