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Dr. Sharon Khalifa-Gueta recently won the Spinoza post-doc scholarship for excellence in history of the UNIVERSITY OF HAIFA. Her dissertation is named “The Dragon and Femininity in St. Margaret Paintings by Raphael and Titian” and was written under the guidance of Prof. Nirit Ben-Aryeh Debby. She was a Rotenstreich fellow during her PhD studies. 


She has been focusing on the image of the dragon for the last thirteen years. Her article “Leonardo’s Dragons – The “Rider Fighting a Dragon” Sketch as an Allegory of Leonardo’s Concept of Knowledge,” which was published in 2018 in Explorations in Renaissance Culture won the Maha”r award for an excellent article. She also published the articles “The Evolution of the Western Dragon” in Athens Journal of Mediterranean Studies, and “The Rising of the Soul in the Fresco from the Sleeping Chambers in a Villa from Boscotrecase of Pompeii” in Historia in 2018.


This year she was invited to spik in the CAA - College Art Association of America, about Miniaturizing Monumental Women with Dragons: Fantastic Art Action Figure Miniatures, and in SCRC - South Central Renaissance Conference, on behalf of Harvard’s Society for Renaissance Art History (SRAH) about Raphael’s St. Margaret Paintings as a Reflection of Their Recipient Patron – Marguerite de Navarre.  


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