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Introduction: ‘As if’: women in genres of the fantastic, cross-platform entertainments and transmedial engagements

Special Issue about women in the transmedia fantastic, Continuum 33, 2, online 24 January, 2019, ed. by Stephanie Green, Amanda Howell, and Rikke Schubart. 

The articles in this Special Issue reflect critically on the shifting shapes of screen femininity and female heroism in the transmedia fantastic, also the roles of female stars, creators, audiences and fans in relation to fantastic fictions. Here are articles on Penny Dreadful, Wonder Woman, The Handmaid's Tale, Jessica Jones, Ms. Marvel, The Hunger Gamesand more.

This article by Rikke Schubart discusses how the choice of actress Gal Gadot to play Wonder Woman negotiates between comic book fans’ expectations and society’s gender schema. It has taken 75 years to produce a movie adaption of Wonder Woman, perhaps due to the ‘problem’ of female muscles.

This article by Angela Ndalianis is published in The Routledge Companion to Gender and Sexuality in Comic Book Studies which is a comprehensive, global, and interdisciplinary examination of the essential relationship between Gender, Sexuality, Comics, and Graphic Novels.

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