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Katarzyna Lubawa is a literature student at Kazimierz Wielki University in Bydgoszcz, Poland. Fantasy and science-fiction literature has always belonged to her interests only to become her area of academic research. Her doctoral studies focus on solarpunk, its characteristic, literary realizations and the genre’s connection to modern culture but also social movement by the same name. Other interests include fan studies, intertextuality and intermediality in modern fantasy and science-fiction works, not limited to literature. Her academic paper, Solarpunk – optymistyczna alternatywa dla cyberpunku (Solarpunk – an optimistic alternative to cyberpunk), was included in a post-conference monograph published in Polish by Dzień dobry! Kolektyw kultury Foundation.

Read the blog entry "Solarpunk as an Optimistic Vision of the Future: An Introduction" by Katarzyna Lubawa here.

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